Gutter problems result in basement troubles

Anyone who has neglected to pay any attention to their roofs and gutters recently should start doing so immediately. When too much build-up is allowed to happen, not only can it be damaging to these sections, but also the whole structure if the right conditions are met. As one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has, we are the people to call as soon as you notice any problems developing.

Gutters are long channels in truth, ones that are positioned along your roof’s lower edge. Their main purpose is to capture and direct water towards the downspouts, letting it fall in a more controlled way. Should the gutter become clogged or defective in any way, the water would end up falling next to your home, forming a pool close to the foundation.

After the water begins pooling near your foundations, two radical complications can occur, in addition to a series of smaller scale concerns. To begin with, pools of water means that the soil beneath is entirely saturated, placing an extreme degree of pressure on your house’s side. As time goes on, this could cause the lower walls and basement area to either crack or push inwards.

The second big problem here is that once the water has finished drying off, it can erode the soil, leading to the foundation settling. Eventually, you will end up with cracks in your chimneys and walls, or uneven flooring. When cracks begin to show up in the foundation, water shall make its way into your home through them, resulting in flooded basements and mould growth. This will happen regardless of whether a collapse is imminent or not.

At Premier Roof Clean, we provide long-lasting results without ever having to harm your roofing or gutters. As opposed to using pressure washers, we instead prefer to opt for manual-focused methods, which we use in tandem with an environmentally friendly inhibitor to impede the growths that are currently taking place. As a result we stand out from the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has.

If you would like our assistance, please contact the team. We will provide the right service every time for you.