How should I approach shingles and cement tiles?

Cleaning a rooftop is something one should practice with caution; after all, using the wrong gear and methods can lead to some very disastrous results. This is not an issue for us however, as our approach to this sort of work is one that doesn’t rely on pressure washers or anything else that could harm your property. This has helped us to stand out from the roof cleaning companies Surrey has. We have a team you can call in situations that require a lighter touch.
You might think that you can use the same cleaning strategies for every roof you encounter, but the truth is that they all need their own distinct form of treatment. So that you’re sufficiently prepared, we’re going to discuss some of the different roof variants and how they should be cleaned.

With cement tiles, it is possible to walk on them, but ideally you want to stick to the sections where they overlap. That way you won’t accidentally break them. Something else to remember is that they’ll become slippery whilst being cleansed, so a safety rail or a harness and non-slip boots are recommended.

Tiles of this calibre attract algae and moss, so some form of anti-moss chemical will be necessary. Begin at one end and start walking backwards so that you don’t go over any wet patches. Once your treatments have done their job and the debris has gone brown, simply remove it.

Shingles are fragile and therefore demand a softer touch. If you can, clean them on an overcast and cool day. This will ensure that any treatments used won’t dry too quickly. After wetting them, you may have to scrub the shingles gently with a broom. If they dry just wet them a second time.

At Premier Roof Clean, we have become well known throughout the area for producing clean, long-lasting results. We’re able to achieve this using our special biocide. Whether the trouble is moss or another form of debris, rest assured that it shall be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

We are very proud to be one of the most successful roof cleaning companies Surrey has. We provide consistent services and can deal with various roof materials. Just let us know if there’s anything we can aid you with.