The determined driveway cleaners

In Surrey, very few teams of roof cleaners come close to matching the skills that we possess. Cleaning is a delicate process and as such requires multiple strategies to be put in place to accommodate the different job specifications. We have the skills to deliver this, leaving roofs that are clean, fresh, and in a good condition. We also tackle gutters and driveways too, expanding our services so the whole property has the same cared for look.

A clean driveway plays a considerable role in home improvement, either directly or indirectly. If you are a homeowner that thinks little of the surface then you should start giving it more attention. The driveway occupies a massive chunk of real estate and when people first approach the house it will be one of the first things that they see. It has to contribute to the curb appeal and a dirty or unkempt appearance will have quite the opposite effect. This could have an impact on how they view the whole property.

The types of stains and dirt that can accumulate on the driveway include oil and mud. It is easy to sweep up debris but the stains will require something a little more substantial. Pressure washing is one strategy that is often used but before it is done, applying degreaser to oil and antifreeze stains and allowing it to sit on and soak up the stain for five to ten minutes is a good idea. Pressure washers often come with instructions on what kind of detergent to use on the driveway and when applied, they should be left for 15 minutes. Letting the detergent dry however is not a good idea and water should be applied if it is drying out.

At Premier Roof Clean your driveway is in the very best of hands. There are various forms of staining that are a common occurrence in driveways but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. We can provide the same high quality solutions we offer for roofs, leaving both surfaces looking fantastic.