Don’t let lack of care harm the aesthetics of your roof

Surrey is not short of beautiful homes but if they are left uncared for the appeal can be ruined. People often leave their roofs untouched due to concerns with damaging the tiles, but we promise that this won’t be an issue with us. With our roof cleaners at your disposal, your home will soon be restored to its former glory, with the final results being long-lasting.

Manual cleaning is the way to go when it comes to your roofing and we utilise this strategy whenever we undertake a job. You may have heard from one source or another that abrasive jet washing is the way to, but let us assure you that it is quite the opposite. This method of cleaning shouldn’t be used to clean roofs for a number of reasons. It has been stated by several roof manufacturers and the UK’s Trading Standards organization that pressure washers can and will damage roof tiles, strip the surface granules from them and shorten their life expectancy. Loft space flooding is also a concern brought up with this method.

Fortunately, roof cleaning can be accomplished through the manual removal of moss and then applying the correct products, like the biocide we utilise, to the tiles. By applying a fungicide after the moss has been scraped off, it will soak into the tile and its overlaps, killing off any tiny moss spores. In addition these products will also prevent the moss from growing back for a period of time.

At Premier Roof Clean we offer a comprehensive cleaning service which aims to not only leave your roofing looking amazing, but discourage further growths of moss and algae on it. A roof is fragile and as such we must take the proper steps when working on it to prevent any further issues.

If you want a high quality service that doesn’t run the risk of damaging tiles further come to us instead of relying on pressure washing. We offer great value for money and have extensive experience as roof cleaners.