A clean for every inch of your roof

Over time roofs can start to show signs of wear and deterioration. These can reveal themselves in stains, moss and algae growing on them, and even granules finding their way into the guttering and down the drains. To revitalise the surface you need to have it cleaned professionally.

At Premier Roof Clean we provide that exact service. We are one of the longest serving roof cleaning companies in Surrey and have a fantastic track record of happy customers. With every single service we aim to provide the very best finish with minimal impact on the property, ensuring the roof materials, guttering, and all other aspects of the structure are protected.

To ensure we deliver the highest standard of cleanliness whilst also taking care not to damage the roofing materials we plan every project in detail. This attention has an additional benefit in terms of health and safely, allowing us to determine the best method for our team to access the roof to clean it. Our team are highly trained and possess the right equipment to reach roofs and work on them in the safest possible manner.

Each time we work on a roof we ensure we clean the entire surface, ensuring that no spots are missed. This is important because although an area may seem free of dirt, algae and other things now it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Some materials take years for signs of their presence to start showing. We will clean the whole roof so every inch is accounted for.

After the surface has been cleaned we utilise a specially selected biocide. This serves a dual purpose; it helps to brighten up the surface and also protects it for the coming months so that organic material won’t start to grow again. The product we use is eco-friendly and safe for use.

If you would like to have you roof cleaned by a highly trained team of professionals please contact us. All of our services are done by hand so we don’t need to trouble you for a water or electrical hook up. This also means there is no risk of your roof getting damaged by abrasive cleaning methods.