Don’t Take Your Gutters For Granted

The calendar we have here in our office reliably informs us that it’s July, just as we are sure yours does. Sadly it’s the case that the weather so far this year is trying to tell us something different. Usually we all laugh off the idea of a British summer as being wet and miserable, but so far this year it’s not been too funny to live with it.

A consequence of this so far poor summer is that it’s unlikely your gutters are as free and clear of debris as you would have hoped. The majority of our highly valued customers will have, as is usual, arranged for us to clear away the autumn and winter debris from their gutters when the first signs of spring came along. Those signs of spring have now sadly given way to more rain and wind. The knock on effect of this kind of weather is that your guttering system is more likely to become blocked faster than you had anticipated.

Our name and reputation for delivering the leading roof cleaning services in Surrey has always been based on a transparent and honest relationship with our clients. In this respect, we always assure our customers that, for residential properties, once a year is usually quite sufficient for having your gutters cleaned. Regrettably the way the weather has gone so far this year means that we, in your best interests, need to break from our own advice and suggest that you call on us twice this time.

Hopefully it’s going to be the case that we really do get some summer weather as July goes on and becomes August. When this better weather comes our way, we’d ask you please not to assume or take for granted the fact that your gutters will be in the same condition you’d expect them to be at this time of year. The extra levels of wind and rain we’ve experienced are likely to have caused more leaves and debris to find their way onto the roof and into the guttering. We are the people trusted in the area to make sure all is cleared and working as it should.