Can you clean roofing after loft conversions?

An increasingly common feature of homes in and around Surrey is to have lofts converted into a room. Many find that using their loft or attic space as an office or extra bedroom is a better – and more affordable – option that moving home. A distinguishing feature of these conversions is the presence of windows in them, so as to allow those using the room to enjoy the immense benefits of natural lighting. These are, of course, windows which are placed directly in the roofing.

Many people, quite understandably, have concerns about engaging in roof cleaning services when they have windows installed in their roof. This concern is particularly valid when you think in terms of the “power jet” approach to cleaning, as the strong blasts of water used in the equipment would in all likelihood damage your windows and frames. Our purely manual approach means that you need not have these concerns.

As one of the leading teams of roof cleaners we have been called on to clean many roofs which have windows installed in them. These might be part of a loft conversion, or they could be skylights. In all cases, the way in which we work means that no harm will come to them and they won’t end up damaged as a consequence of our service. By manually removing moss and other forms of growth we avoid causing damage to any part of your roofing, something that cannot be assured by those who use jet powered washing equipment. Our approach also allows us to pay special attention to your windows, ensuring they are free of any dirt or growth which might weaken the frames.

We know that roofing which has windows installed in it needs extra special care and attention when it comes to cleaning. This isn’t a problem for us, as our approach means that every roof we are called on to clean is one we see as needing extra special care and attention. No matter what features have been built in or added to your roofing, you can be confident in knowing that we will handle cleaning it in a way that only enhances them.