Can You Clean Roofing Where Birds Are Nesting?

Our strictly manual approach to providing roof cleaning services in Surrey has several advantages. Whilst most of these relate directly to ensuring that your roof is not damaged whilst getting a complete clean, there are other benefits which property owners get from the way we do things. One of the most relevant examples of this during this season of the year is the fact that our way means you are certain of avoiding disturbing or damaging a bird’s nest in your roof.

We know that this is something of a controversial matter. Although most homeowners would say that birds nesting in the roofing are a nuisance. It would also be fair, however, to say that all are aware of the fact that there are a number of legal measures in place which means that birds are to be protected no matter where they nest. Despite the understandable nuisance factor, we’d like to think that all would respect the law, and indeed wish to have no harm come to the birds.

Over the years there have been a number of well documented cases in which work on roofing was either delayed or cancelled as a consequence of finding birds nesting in it. Whilst in some exceptional cases the RSPB have intervened and removed nests, it is far more often than not the case that this isn’t done. Our services are not, however, usually subject to being suspended or stopped as a result of a nest being present.

By not using power jet washing equipment to clean roofing there is the assurance of no accidental harm being caused to any birds or their nests. In addition to this, the biocides we used to remove moss and algae are environmentally friendly. This means that they are highly unlikely to cause any harm or damage to the birds.

If we’re completely honest we know that some homeowners would prefer it if nests could be moved. They can’t, and we trust that all accept and appreciate this. The presence of one should not, however, be something that stops you from having your roofing cleaned. Our approach to roof cleaning means that you can have this important work done without causing disruptions.

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