Take it from the top with roof cleaning

If your wish is to have the roof cleaned by professionals without putting it at risk, then our team should be your number one choice. Utilising manual strategies, as opposed to pressure washing, we seek to cleanse your roof whilst maintaining its stability. Wherever you are based in the area, we are the number one for roof cleaning in Surrey. Rest assured that we will come to your aid should you request it.

Spring is nearly here and you know what that means; your home is likely in need of an extensive cleaning job. You may be tempted to start easy with the patio, vinyl siding, or the windows, but the first item on your to clean list, and the one that requires the most attention, is the roof.

Whether you happen to be a home or business owner, you should be aware of how important it is to keep your structure in shape all year round. It all begins with a thorough survey and soon enough, the whole roof shall be restored to all its original glory.

The smartest homeowners know that during the process of cleaning a house, beginning from the top and working down to the bottom is the most sensible approach. Even if your gutters are in excellent condition right now, debris and dirt can fall off the roof and into them. Therefore, anything cleaned prior to this will become filthy again afterwards, making any previous efforts a waste of time. As experienced cleaners, we shall always start at the top, so that no nasty streaks or stains are left behind to ruin things a second time.

At Premier Roof Clean we provide a long lasting roof cleaning solution for our clients in Surrey. By using our special biocide, not only do we get rid of any remaining moss or algae, but also discourage them from growing again in the future. We hope that you’ll consider contacting us when you find yourself in need of help.