Cleaning up a conservatory roof

Over time, various growths can accumulate on your rooftop, including the likes of lichen, algae and moss. They may seem harmless at first glance, but leave them alone for long enough, and they can cause quite a bit of harm to your house. Providing services that are both effective and long lasting, we are the company to call when you need roof cleaners in Surrey to clean up.

Cleaning the roof of your sunroom or conservatory is one of those jobs that are frustrating, but at the same time is something that’s crucial. Not making any effort to clean the polycarbonate or glass roofs means that you are running the risk of issues developing in the future. Dirt, moss and other kinds of debris have the ability to damage the seals, which can result in loosened panels and leaks.

Dirt and debris can find its way onto the conservatory roof in the same way it ends up on the roofing of your home, including being blown there by the wind and dropped by birds. Additionally if your main roof is covered in moss, lichen, or algae, it may start dropping off the edge. The end result can be very messy.

When cleaning the roof of conservatories or sunrooms, it is absolutely vital to be gentle. The last thing you want is to use too much pressure and damage the glass or the structure itself. As a result hand cleaning with the correct tools is the best option.

Before work can begin it is vital to consider access. You will likely need a ladder or extending brush attachments to reach the surface. Keep in mind that the conservatory roof cannot be stood on to clean it. The surface is not designed for this and won’t be strong enough.

At Premier Roof Clean we employ the best people and use the most up to date equipment to give you the a professional cleaning service. Instead of pressure washing, which can actually harm the roofing materials, we prefer to get the job done by removing all the debris by hand. If your roof requires attention, ours is the company for you.