Maintaining your block paved driveway

If you’ve left your roofs and gutters alone for a long time, then chances are that they have become a real mess. Ignore either one for too long and you are putting your home’s structural integrity at risk. The same can be said of driveways. Fortunately our Surrey roof cleaners can effective clean all three surfaces for you.

After being installed onto a patio or driveway, block paving shall need at least two cleans per year if possible. Not only will this aid with the aesthetic appeal, but everything shall remain structurally sound too. As long as regular maintenance is practiced, then your driveways and patios are assured of looking beautiful.

For general cleaning of algae and dirt, some robust brushing with a stiff brush alongside a fair amount of hot detergent solution, and a thorough rinse with clean water usually suffices in most cases. For those paved locations sited near permanent shade or beneath trees, repeated treatments are typically required.

To deal with thick growths of lichen and moss, they must first be removed via manual methods, ensuring all traces are cleaned up. Once this is out of the way, some sort of moss killer should be used to finish the job. Products like out special biocide are not only designed to remove any leftovers, but halt any regrowths for a long period of time. The best time to apply the treatment is in the dry weather; otherwise, the rain might wash it away before it has a chance to be properly effective.

At Premier Roof Clean our team only uses trusted cleaning practices. Many companies favour pressure washing methods to clean, but these can actually cause quite a bit of harm to surfaces. We prefer to play it safe and use a more manual approach. If your roof, gutter or driveway requires some attention, our company should be number one on your list.