Never start roof cleaning without a plan

In our effort to stand out from the roof cleaning companies Surrey has we have built a great reputation for planning and customer service. By putting the effort in to plan each service with care we can maximise the quality and keep the risk of damaging roofing materials to an absolute minimum.

A roof maintenance plan is something that everyone should have, especially if they want the surface to perform well and reduce the risk of damages. Making the effort to have it cleaned every year can save you from a very costly roof replacement.

A thorough clean prevents your roof from being damaged from the debris and keeps it looking elegant to boot. In short, if you take care of your roofs, then they will return the favour. The cleaning operation itself isn’t overly complex, especially with manual cleaning by hand, but there are numerous tips and tricks that make everything easier and safer.

If there’s one thing that can have a substantial impact on your cleaning results, it is the weather. Rain will make the surface wet and slippery whilst also saturating any moss and algae on the surface. This makes it trickier and dirtier to remove. If you use biocide on a hot day the sun could dry it up before it has a proper chance to do its job.

With both of the above in mind it is better to conducted cleaning work on a humid, overcast day that isn’t too warm. That way the cleaning can be completed quicker, with less mess and fewer safety concerns. In addition the biocide will be able to work much better.

At Premier Roof Clean we are never reckless in our approach to cleaning and always plan out our strategies beforehand. In addition to roofing, we can also attend to patios, gutters and driveways, giving them a high quality clean.

If you require our assistance, or would like a free, competitive, no-obligation quote, you need only get in touch with us.