Ladder safety tips that will keep you secure

If you leave your roof alone for too long, it can actually cost you a considerable amount of money down the line. Moss and algae that builds up on the rooftop can compromise its integrity, unless something is done to stop it. Using manual cleaning methods as approached to jet washing, we aim to clean the surface without putting it at further risk. That is why we are the number one Surrey roof cleaners.

In addition to roof cleaning, part of our work also involves us clearing out the gutters. The climbs that one needs to make in order to reach them and the roofing in the first place can be quite high, so a ladder is usually brought in to help. Just like every other piece of equipment that is used in cleaning however, you have to know how to use it correctly in order to stay safe on the job.

For ladder positioning, there exists a simple science to placing one against a structure at the right angle for peak safety. If you are able to stand with your toes at the ladder’s feet, reach out straight and touch the rungs with your fingertips, then you have the appropriate angle. If you’re unable to touch them, make adjustments until you can.

When dealing with uneven terrain, to make the ladder plumb you must block up one of its feet. The greater the stability and width of the object, the safer you shall be. Just remember that whether the ground happens to be level or not, the ladder rugs must be for the utmost safety.

At Premier Roof Clean we take every precaution in order to ensure that we are as safe as possible whilst working on properties. Roof and gutter cleaning is a delicate operation and if something isn’t planned out in the right manner, everything can go wrong. It is for this reason why the professionals should handle this task. If your roof could do with some much needed maintenance, we hope you will consider contacting us.