Safely accessing every area

A clean roof free of moss, lichen and algae will look more attractive and have a much longer life than a dirty, neglected roof. The investment you make in cleaning will pay off in the long term and ensure the roofing materials are given the attention they need to stay at their very best. You can also combine cleaning with periodic roof inspection for signs of damaged tiles and other issues, ensuring every aspect of the roof is well cared for.

It is always best to clean a roof by hand so that unwanted organic materials and other debris can be removed with care. Hand tools are best because there is the least likelihood of causing damage to the tiles. More abrasive cleaning methods should be avoided because they can result in broken tiles or leave them brittle and exposed to higher levels of wear and tear in the near future.

In order to use hand tools to clean the roof, access to the surface will be required. It is important that absolute care is taken with this. A stable access route will be required, whether it is a ladder or scaffolding. The access method will depend on the height of the property, the type of ground and its condition. Ladders and scaffolds both need to be placed on a flat, sturdy surface.

At Premier Roof Clean we have a team of seasoned professionals who know what it takes to tackle tough cleaning projects. We will provide a first rate service and leave the roofing materials looking their absolute best. A great deal of care is taken to minimise the risk of tile breakage. This includes ensuring our roof cleaners make their way around the surface carefully and only clean tiles by hand with specially selected tools that won’t harm them.

Our skilled roof cleaners cover the entire Surrey region with their services and have the experience to work on a wide variety of properties. We will always choose the most appropriate method to access the surface of the roof, upholding the highest standards of health and safety while providing a thorough and comprehensive clean. Whether you have a roof completely covered with moss or just want to take preventative measures, we can clean the roof for you.