How often will my roof need to be cleaned?

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how often you should be having your roof professionally cleaned. With other elements of your home, such as windows, walls and driveways, it’s easy to see when cleaning is required, whereas it is usually not as simple to have a quick visual inspection of your roof to see what condition it is in.

The frequency of required roof cleaning depends on a number of different factors. To begin with, there’s the quality and nature of the last cleaning work that was done. On top of that comes all sorts of environmental and circumstantial factors. For example, a particularly long and wet winter could end up leaving the roofing dirtier than it should be, while a warmer spring or summer could easily lead to accelerated growth of moss and algae. These factors will generally be very specific to your property and location, which means the question can only be definitively answered by looking directly at your roof.

The best answer we can provide you with is that you should call us in to inspect and review your roof at least once a year. We have earned an outstanding reputation for our roof cleaning services, and this is based as much on our honest and fair approach as it is our world class work. We can be trusted to get up and look at your roofing and give you a very accurate assessment in terms of cleaning requirements. If we were responsible for the last cleaning of your roof and we’ve had some kind treatment from our climate, in all likelihood our annual check will show you will only need a complete clean once every two years.

Our approach has always been to provide a thorough, long-lasting clean without causing any damage to your slates or tiles. While it isn’t possible to deliver a clean that will last forever, we will carry out one that works for as long as possible, and give you honest, transparent advice when it comes to determining how regularly you need a cleaning service.