Cleaning roofs with minimal damage

Moss can be seen on pitched roofs throughout the entire UK. The organic material finds its way on to the roof in a number of ways, including leaves being blown off trees and birds dropping debris. Once it settles on the roof water and shade can help it to thrive. It will then slowly spread across the surface.

The biggest problem with moss on the roof is that it ruins the aesthetics, making the property look poorly cared for. On top of this it can lead to clogged gutters and drains when the material finds its way into them. Mosses also hold on to moisture, keeping it on the surface for far longer than intended. This can increase the wear and result in weakened and broken tiles.

Cleaning moss off the surface will get rid of the unwanted organic matter. The clean should be done by hand to minimise the risk of tiles getting damaged and to ensure that the material is removed to a high standard. The technique will require access to the roof and working at height so it is best to hire an experienced provider to handle it rather than taking on the job and the risks yourself.

As one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Surrey, we are committed to tackling moss problems on the roofs of all kinds of properties. Our team are highly experienced and will deliver the same great service whether they are working on a bungalow or a much taller home. Before every job we will address the risks and ensure we take the right steps to maximise safety. This includes ensuring there is a safe access and escape route to the roof.

We have earned an excellent reputation because we always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied. Our experience means we know how much care needs to be taken when working on a roof, both to ensure our staff are safe and that the tiles are not damaged. They are not designed to be walked on so a huge amount of care is needed to avoid damages. We have an incredible track record of completing cleans with the absolutely minimal damage.