Do I still need to clean my guarded gutters?

Gutter guards are protective installations which are fitted over open guttering systems outside properties, usually made from mesh. They are designed to prevent debris such as leaves, branches and rubbish from entering your guttering system. They perform a valuable function, as materials such as this can cause blockages and lead to potentially expensive and inconvenient problems. Blocked gutters can lead to potentially dangerous structural damage in your home, damp patches and mould, making this an issue to be avoided at all costs.

However, just because you have gutter guards, this does not mean you’ll never need to have your gutters cleaned again. Although they prevent large pieces of material from entering the gutter, they do not entirely eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance. There is virtually nothing we can do to prevent gutters from becoming dirty or to stop smaller pieces of debris from entering along with the rainwater caught by the gutters, so having gutter guards is not a reason to become complacent about maintenance. It’s absolutely vital that your gutters are able to flow and function as intended, and with a combination of guards and regular cleaning, you can provide optimum protection for your property.

With developments in the technology of roofing materials and new innovations constantly emerging, roofs are stronger and more protective than ever before. However, one thing remains certain: no matter how modern your roof may be, you can still benefit from regular professional cleaning.

Our Surrey roof cleaners are on hand to provide gentle yet highly effective cleaning that will keep your roof and gutters in peak condition all year round. We use manual techniques and take a highly attentive approach to each and every roof, offering an unbeatable clean every time. Don’t wait until your gutters become blocked to take action; with a proactive approach and regular cleaning, you can have the confidence of knowing they’ll keep on protecting your property.