A service that doesn’t harm your garden

When selecting a company to clean your roof, it goes without saying that you are going to seek out the one which gives you the best quality of service. With this in mind, we are happy to make it clear exactly what makes us one of the best roof cleaning companies in the Surrey area. For the most part, we would say it’s the exceptional results we deliver, but it’s also because we consider all the other important factors related to your roofing.

Our team are always considerate and careful to maintain the condition of your roofing. We use a manual method of removing moss, algae, debris and growth, which ensures a complete level of cleaning in a way that does not cause any damage to slates or tiles. The biocides we use to inhibit future unwanted growth have also been tested and shown to cause no corrosion or degradation, something which is not the case when bleach based products are used.

There is a school of thought which suggests that if we were to use our biocides with a jet wash system then we would be able to achieve more or less the same results in a faster space of time. However, there are problems with this approach. Firstly, we set out to achieve the absolute best results in cleaning your roof, and we know that our manual methods are the best way of achieving this. Secondly, if we jet washed our biocide onto your roofing, the run-off and excess water would invariably end up in your garden. The biocide used to control moss and algae is likely to harm or possibly kill your plants and grass, so we make sure to keep it firmly where it’s supposed to be.

Our roof cleaning services are regarded as the best because we think and plan for all the important considerations beyond the roofing itself. Our approach ensures that you get a perfectly clean roof without the risk of any damage being caused to your garden, your roof or any other part of your property.