Looking after different types of tiling

Roof tiles are very popular in the UK and can be seen on the vast majority of pitched roofs. They can be made from an array of different materials, but concrete dominates the market, being present on approximately 60% of all properties with a pitched roof. Slate tiles are the second most popular and account for around 20% of roofs. Clay tiling can be found on around 10% of properties.

Across the UK there are many regional variations in the choice of tiles for roofs. These differences arise for a number of reasons including the access to materials. Some areas, including parts of Wales, Scotland and the west coast, are renowned for roofs with traditional split slate because it was quarried locally. The Cotswolds and Pennines are known for the use of heavier slate.

The different materials mean that each type of tiling has its own characteristics, whether it is the colour, the hardness, the texture or the weight. Even tiles made from the same materials can vary significantly because of differences in the quality of the material used, the shape and the manufacturing technique.

Roof tiles look fantastic regardless of the material they are made from. They also function very well and can effectively keep water from accessing the interior of the property. To maximise their performance, they need to be properly maintained and cleaned so that they do not become covered with moss, algae or lichen. These organic materials can cause leaks and reduce the life of tiles by damaging the surface, so they need to be removed as swiftly as possible.

At Premier Roof Clean we can provide flexible service to freshen up all kinds of tiled roofs. Our team of Surrey-based roof cleaners have the skills and experience to prolong the life of your tiles, no matter what material they are made of. We will clean the surface effectively by hand, taking care to ensure that the tiling is not damaged during the process. If you are worried about organic materials growing on your roof and would like to have it cleaned to reveal the materials beneath please contact us.