Keeping listed buildings looking their best

As of March 2016, Surrey is home to just over six thousand listed buildings. These are properties which are considered to have a significant and important history, and have gained a protected status to ensure that they are preserved for years to come. While the focus of the listed status is to ensure no unauthorised work or alterations are carried out, it also means a high level of integrity and care is expected during upkeep and cleaning. Our team of roof cleaners in Surrey can carry out careful and conscientious services that are ideal for listed buildings.

One of the core values at the heart of our services is to ensure that our cleaning work does not harm or damage the roof in any way. This might seem like a somewhat obvious priority, but in our experience it’s not always the case that others have the same approach to this. We specifically avoid using jet powered washing equipment as this can weaken roofing materials and cause long term damage. Instead, we carry out hand removal of moss, algae and other unwanted growth or debris, which is perfect for cleaning listed buildings.

Our considerate and careful approach ensures that no harm is caused to the roof, while still delivering a thorough and comprehensive clean. While it is true that usually you would not need to seek permission for cleaning the roof of a listed building, our working methods are comfortably within the expectations of how such a building should be maintained.

We approach all cleaning work with the same highly professional level of skill and care. Our team are committed to ensuring that we bring only positives to a property, causing no long term damage or harm. We are always mindful of the specific concerns associated with any work which is conducted on a listed building. With our unique approach and specialist skills, you will have the assurance of knowing that your listed property is being well taken care of and will not be put at any undue risk.