Choose quality over speed

Many of us have used a service which we knew wasn’t going to give us the perfect result, but we’ve put up with it for the sake of saving time. There are some times when speed should not be a deciding factor, and roof cleaning is a perfect example of this.

We are unique amongst Surrey roof cleaners as we take a hands on, manual approach to moss removal. We know that by getting on to the roof and removing all growth and debris, we are going to take more time to get the job done than would be the case by other methods. However, this provides you with longer lasting, more effective results, and in the long run will actually save you time as you won’t have to repeatedly have the moss and dirt removed from the same areas.

One of the most commonly used roof cleaning techniques is power jet washing. While this approach is undoubtedly faster, the results do not compare to our technique. Usually power jet washing is conducted by the equipment operator at ground level, which means they cannot see and confirm all moss or debris has been cleared. Other than the potential damage which can be caused to your roofing tiles by power washing, a major problem with this approach is that you will usually end up with the waste from the roof strewn across the walls and garden. Time saved by power washing often becomes time spent clearing up after the work is done.

As we mentioned earlier, we understand how many people feel compelled to select the fastest service rather than the best, but if you want the best possible results, our Surrey roof cleaners are the people to call. We’ll provide a complete service that prevents moss from returning and keeps your roof looking its very best for longer, reducing the cost of repairs and ensuring your property looks great.