Rain and snow are not natural roof cleaners

You probably don’t need us to tell you that we’ve experienced some tough weather conditions over the past few months. High levels of rain and intermittent snow has made day to day life more challenging for all of us. What you might not be aware of, however, is that this rain and snow is in all likelihood causing an accelerated level of damage to your roofing. This is likely to be the case if you don’t take measures to have your roof regularly cleaned.

It might seem as though higher levels of rain and snow would mean no roof cleaning is needed. After all, they are made of water, and so it is easy to draw the conclusion that in a sense nature is doing the work of cleaning the roof for you. This is not what happens, and in fact wet weather conditions such as these can actually make existing problems worse.

One of the biggest problems with roofing across the UK is the growth of moss. While moss might seem to give the property a rustic, aged and attractive look, the truth is that it causes great damage. Moss spreads and adds weight, causing tiling to come loose and cracks to form. Higher than usual levels of water on roofing feeds any moss present and speeds up the rate of growth and spreading. This situation is made worse by the colder weather, as the low temperature means that the excess dampness does not evaporate naturally.

As one of the best roof cleaning companies in the Surrey area, we are trusted by many homeowners to remove the moss from their roofing and make sure every possible step is taken to inhibit its return and stop it from spreading. To ensure that your roofing is not damaged and will not require replacement long before its natural lifespan reaches an end, it is important to use our professional roof cleaning service as soon as possible after you’ve experienced heavy rainfall and snow.

Roofing is designed to protect us from elements of nature such as rain and snow. To make sure it can keep doing its job, regular care, maintenance and cleaning is essential. Let us take care of your roof all year round and make sure you have the best strategy in place to keep your property safe from potential damage.