Getting rid of blemishes on your roof

Organic materials can thrive on your roof if they take hold. This is because of the easy access to water and food. You can find flowering growths of moss or lichen in a range of different colours. They can range from green to gray when they are wet and a lighter green to brown when dry. Pigments can even make them appear red, orange or yellow. Black stains or streaks on the roof come from algae.

Whatever the organic material, the end result will be the same if you don’t treat the problem. Ultimately the moss, lichen or algae will reduce the life of the roof. The patches and stains will also have an impact on the aesthetics of the property as a whole. This could cause problems in the future if you come to sell because the new buyers will see they have at least one extra job on their hands.

The best way to protect the roof is to clean it to remove all traces of the organic matter before adding a gentle biocide to prevent it from returning. The cleaning will take time because the unwanted material will need removing carefully by hand. Some people use pressure washers. But, the time that you save with this is not worth the potential damage to the roof materials. Doing the job by hand is the best way to ensure all traces are removed with utmost care. It is also better for the environment. This is because the hand cleaning process doesn’t consume anywhere near the amount of water a pressure washer would use. It is best to complete roof cleaning when the surface is completely dry. This will allow the moss, lichen and algae to be scraped off effectively.

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