Be sure of the facts about roof cleaning

There are many myths about problems with dirty roofs and the different methods necessary to rectify them. If you do encounter issues with your roof, it is best to engage professional and reputable roof cleaners in Surrey. This way, you can be certain of getting the best possible advice, recommendations and treatment. There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to checking the condition of your roof.

What to know about roof marks

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Some people mistakenly believe that black and yellow stains are a result of leaked jet fuel, tar or acid rain. They actually in fact come from lichen, algae and moss. The growth of these unsightly and potentially damaging presences can come from windblown spores landing and settling on your rooftop.

The presence of stains or a moss covered roof does not necessarily mean you have to replace the entire roof. In the majority of cases, it will simply need a good clean. Professional cleaning treatments can completely restore the appearance of your roof and transform the exterior of your property.

People tend to get used to their roofs looking tired. But, after a professional clean, the difference can amaze you. When a roof is subjected to safe and gentle cleaning processes, it can reveal the fresh and beautiful looking surface that has been hiding underneath the stains.

Algae loves shingles, tiles and slates, and if left untreated it can literally take years off the life of your roof. By keeping your roof clean and free of moss and algae, you can avoid the problems caused by damage and the unwanted expense of replacing your roof.

Jet washing can be an effective way of removing roof stains. But, it is not good on shingles, slates and tiles. This is because it can seriously damage the surface of your roof and encourage moss and algae to return. We use safe and non-abrasive methods that eliminate roof stains whilst protecting your roof. Our skilled cleaners will manually remove all moss and follow up by sterilising your roof with a gentle and incredibly fast acting biocide.

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Premier Roof Clean provides comprehensive roof cleaning as well as stain removal. We offer each of our customers a friendly, affordable and skilful service. Plus, we can carry out full gutter cleaning along with patio, driveway and decking cleaning services. We complete every aspect of our work with care and we produce outstanding results. So, choose us as your Surrey roof cleaners and reach out today. You will then be able to learn more and arrange a quote.