Retain your property’s value with effective moss removal

If your roof has become stained with moss, it is easy to simply get used to it and let the problem go. It may be that you think the stains cannot be removed, that the service may be too costly, or that there is no point having it cleaned away. But this is actually not the case. There are in fact several benefits that come from professional Surrey roof cleaners.

No matter how strong your roof may be, it is not completely impenetrable and its condition can deteriorate over time. Your roof is a big part of the aesthetic of your property. When it falls into disrepair or develops an unsightly covering, it can have a huge impact on the way your home looks from the outside. This not only affects your individual kerb appeal, but that of the entire street or neighbourhood.

Problems Surrey roof cleaners can help with

Surrey roof cleanersWhen the exterior of your property begins to suffer it can reduce the overall value. It can cause you all kinds of problems should you come to sell your home. Flawed aesthetics and structures are not what potential homebuyers want to see. They are the kind of things that will drive down your asking price. Furthermore, if a property valuation reveals any roof problems, anyone that expresses an interest in your home may request that you rectify the issues before entering into any transaction with you.

The team to contact for your needs

Our team of Surrey roof cleaners can help to resolve all these issues with gentle, non-abrasive cleaning techniques. We can remove all the moss, algae and stains from your roof while protecting its surface at all times. We avoid the potentially damaging process of pressure washing, and instead remove all moss and algae by hand. Then, we treat your roof tiles with a gentle biocide. This will sterilise the surface and prevent the regrowth of any moss. You cannnot see some moss and algae with the naked eye. But, our thorough approach ensures we will treat every inch of the roof.