Protecting the surface of tiles

Moss, algae and lichen can grow easily on tiled roofs. This is because the aggregate surface of the tiles gives them something to cling to and supports their growth. The easy access to water also encourages them to grow and spread across the surface. The organic matter can harm the aesthetics of your property, making it look poorly cared for and unattractive. If left unchecked it can also restrict water flow and increase the potential of water ingress into the roof. This is why you should invest in roof cleaning in Surrey.

Fortunately there are a number of options to choose from if you decide to have the roof cleaned. The big choice will be whether to opt for pressure washing or cleaning by hand. The first option is unwise as it is highly abrasive and could damage the tiles. It may also force water into joints, causing it to flow into the roof. Hand cleaning is a far gentler option.

Take care with your property

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When accessing the roof to clean tiles by hand, it is vital you are gentle on the surface at all times. This applies both during cleaning and making your way around the roof. Tiles aren’t designed to be walked on, and you can damage the interlocking joints if you put too much pressure on them. This would create a flaw in the surface that water can get through. It is therefore vital that you move around carefully, don’t put too much pressure on joints and make sure any damage is fixed promptly.

Having your tiles cleaned by hand will reduce the risk of the surface of each tile getting damaged. They have a granular finish to protect them and increase their lifecycle; damaging or removing this will increase the amount of wear and mean they need replacing sooner. This is yet another reason why pressure washing should not be done.

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Property owners who want to have their roof professionally cleaned by hand should consider our services. We are one of the leading options for roof cleaning in Surrey and have an excellent track record in our local area. We take care with every surface, ensuring we remove organic matter with minimal damage to the tiles. Our use of a gentle approved biocide helps reduce the risk of new growths occurring quickly after the clean is complete.