Minimising damage to tiles when cleaning roofs

Manually scraping moss and algae from roofs is a much better option than using a pressure washer. This is why we practice this with our work as roof cleaners in Surrey people can always count on. The process will keep damage to the tiles to a minimum, reducing the number that need replacing. It also doesn’t require any water. So, there is no waste of water and there is no risk of it infiltrating the roof.

Advice for roof cleaners in Surrey

roof cleaners in SurreyHowever, it is still important to work carefully to avoid scratching, scouring or chipping the surface. If the tiles have already been weakened and need to be treated gently, a rubber scraper or a stiff brush may be the best option. This will allow you to clean the roof to a high standard without causing further damage. Hand tools also reduce the risk of tiles getting dislodged and needing to be re-seated.

Cleaning the roof is usually easier on dry days. This is because the organic matter will flake and crumble more easily. If it has been raining and the moss or algae is damp, it is still possible to achieve a great clean. However, it will be a harder and messier job. It is always better to let the roof dry out as much as possible before working. This will make removing the material easier and is also good for the safety of people working on the property.

After cleaning the roof by hand it is a good idea to use a biocide. This will act as an inhibitor and stop moss and algae from growing back as quickly. The fluid will soak into the tiles and the overlaps between them. This will kill all spores and protecting the tiling. When done properly the biocide will keep your roof clean and fresh for a good length of time.

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Property owners in Surrey who wish to completely and thoroughly clean their moss or algae-covered roofs can call on us to help them. Our experienced roof cleaners in Surrey can clean the surfaces professionally, taking care not to damage the tiling whilst working. Once finished your roofing materials will look as good as they did when they were brand new. With our experience we know how to carry out thorough cleaning with no risk of damage to your roof tiles.