Removing moss and lichen and leaving long lasting results

Close inspection of roofs can reveal the growth of grass and stonecrop in the tiny crevices. But, the most common forms of life you can find on rooftops are definitely lichen and moss. Although different, they can often be found alongside each other. Lichen is not a plant, but a composite organism that forms from algae. It comes in many sizes, forms and colours. To effectively clean this you should arrange for professional roof cleaning in Surrey.

Roof cleaning in Surrey is a necessity

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Lichen can withstand harsh weather conditions and there are approximately 15,000 species. The one most commonly found on rooftops is Ascomyctes Foliose. Beginning as a small yellow or orange dot, it gradually grows out from the centre and gets bigger and bigger.

Moss is a simple plant form without a root or the capacity to absorb or move water around inside its form. It needs to directly absorb moisture. This is why it is found in shady and damp places. There are around 12,000 species of moss with Bryophyte Andeaeaceae being the one you typically see on roofs. It grows in green humps and has small lantern shaped spore capsules in place of flowers.

The nutrients in bird droppings can cause moss and algae to grow. This is especially true if the roof slates and tiles have a rough surface. Moss and lichen are often present on houses close to the sea. The wet conditions are ideal for organisms and plants. Their growth will also be accelerated by a north facing roof slope.

In general, lichen will grow on the exposed areas of the roof. Moss can be found in the corners and shaded spots. They will not only affect its appearance but they can also prevent water run off. This is essential for an efficient drainage system.

Let us help you

We are one of the finest roof cleaning companies in Surrey specialising in the removal of lichen and moss. Rather than abrasive jet washing that can damage tiles and lead to further growth, we use gentle and careful techniques that prevent any harm. We can also spray your roof with biocide to sterilise the surface. Our methods help to maintain the condition of your roof. This is as well as stop the re-emergence of moss and other growths.