Insurance doesn’t always come through for you

If you haven’t been paying that much attention to your roofing lately, or at all, then now might be a good time to start. Although it may seem harmless, the debris that accumulates on your roof is often the cause of its degradation and while it might be happening slowly, it is still occurring. What our team of Surrey roof cleaners aim to do is utilise their manual and non-destructive talents to cleanse the surface, making it look just as good as new.

An adequate level of maintenance goes quite a long way in preserving your home, not only saving you money, but also your fair share of headaches. A survey conducted by American-based company Erie Insurance however, recently revealed that people could be doing more to maintain their houses. Overlooking services such as this not only leads to risk of financial difficulties, but also a number of dangerous health hazards.

The survey found that roughly 23% of homeowners had either never had their roof inspected or only did so if an issue came up. Even more worrying was the fact that about 27% were under the false impression that their insurance provider would pay for the damages that happened over time, like wear and tear for example. Typically, insurance schemes only cover things like storm damage.

One out of four owners said that they neglected to care for their gutters too. If clogged, gutters can result in rainwater flowing down a house’s sides, leading to it pooling around the foundations. This can cause cracks in the wall, interior water damage, and uneven floors. Seepage as this is known is also not normally covered in insurance policies.

At Premier Roof Clean we have the skills and equipment necessary to handle both roof and gutter related concerns. In order to discourage any future moss or algae growing from taking place on your roof, we use a special biocide, which has proven to be highly effective time and again.

If you have any worries at all, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our team of Surrey roof cleaners can inspect the property and provide a full cleaning service that will help to protect it.