Cleaning roofs by hand can improve safety a great deal

In the past we have written a number of articles about why pressure washing is not good for your roof and why our roof cleaners in Surrey only use hand tools. We also wanted to take this opportunity to point out the advantages our service offers in terms of safety. After-all it is absolutely crucial to ensure everybody is safe when they are working at heights.

With pressure washing water is used to strip contaminants from the surface. This can make it slippery for the people working on it and could easily result in an accident. By cleaning by hand without using water we can keep the surface dry and slip free.

The pressure of the water being used can also prise the shingles and tiles up. This is a big problem in terms of potentially creating leaks but also creates tripping hazards for the people working on the roof. The last thing you want is them falling and hurting themselves or damaging the roofing. With hand cleaning there is no risk of materials being prised up. We even work so closely with them that we can see if problems already exist that could be allowing water to leak into the roof.

Another issue with pressure washing is the equipment itself can be rather unwieldy to use. Your hands are needed to hold the nozzle and direct the stream of water at the surface. As a result there will be a delay if you slip or fall. With hand tools you should always have a free hand and can let go of the tool very quickly in an emergency.

At Premier Roof Clean we want to ensure our team are as safe as possible when they work on a surface. As a result all of our roof cleaners in Surrey clean surfaces and gutters manually with hand tools. They are all highly trained and will follow safety guidelines at all times. These include ensuring access is safe and stable and taking great care when moving around roofs and cleaning them.

If you would like to arrange a first rate service from a company who has built a great reputation for safety and the quality of our work please get in touch.