Does self cleaning roof technology exist?

One of the more interesting recurring themes in news stories these days is the increasing use of technology to fully automate certain actions. A quick glance at news stories from the last few weeks show many examples of this, from driverless cars through to robots replacing people at factories and production plants.

This might seem to be something of an unusual subject for us, the number one name for roof cleaning in Surrey, to be discussing on our site. Usually we’d agree. In the last week or so, however, a related story from America came to our attention. It related to a sports stadium in New Orleans having what was claimed to be a ‘self cleaning roof’ fitted. Needless to say we were quite intrigued – in particular as it sounded like it might be something which would put us out of business!

A closer look at the story, however, showed that our trusted roof cleaning services will be getting used by the good people of Surrey for a while yet. It seems that the “self cleaning roof” put in place does not really clean itself. Instead it simply lets moss and algae build up on the roofing without actually attaching to the tiling, with the theory being that as and when it rains it will all simply be washed away.

We can understand why someone would refer to the above as “self cleaning”, although if we’re honest it’s not accurate. This approach relies on the coating applied making sure no growth attaches to the roofing, and then trusts that the rain will always wash it all away. Even if this does work as planned, you’re left with the problem of the growth and debris just being washed down to the ground around the building rather than it been cleaned away.

It might well be that, one day, there’s an automated system that can handle roof cleaning in Surrey to the same high standards our manual approach delivers. All we know for certain is that it doesn’t exist yet. Our services do, and we look forward to coming and carrying out perfect roof cleaning for you soon.