Safety comes first with roof and gutter cleaning

Roofs are somewhat fragile and require only the most trained of individuals to work on them if you wish to avoid any damage. The same goes for guttering. We can assist you here. Our team employ manual methods to keep every aspect of the property in a great condition. This helps us to differentiate us from the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has.

While roof and gutter cleaning are different in a number of ways one common factor between them is the safety requirements. Whenever working at a height, be it on the roof or level with the gutters, it is important to be as safe as possible. In order to ensure that we don’t endanger ourselves or anyone below, there are certain approaches that we take when working.

Ladder safety is first on the list. The ideal type of ladder to use would be one that’s sturdy and has a small shelf strong enough to handle a 5-gallon bucket just in case we have to deal with a considerable amount of debris. Ideally, the bucket should also be secured with a lanyard to prevent the risk of it falling. For single-storey houses, a four-legged stepladder is a good choice, with extension ladders being a great option for larger homes.

Our hands also need safeguarding whilst on the job. Gloves are a roof cleaner’s best friend in this instance. They offer protection against dirty and rotting debris which is undoubtedly ridden with detrimental bacteria. In terms of type, cotton gloves soak up dirty water that exposes the skin to bacteria, leather lacks manoeuvrability, and rubber ones can tear easily. Therefore, we resolve to use suede materials thanks largely to their superior protective qualities.

At Premier Roof Clean regardless of whether we’re cleaning your roofing or gutters, we always make sure that safety is our top priority. This truly sets us apart from the roof cleaning companies operating across Surrey.

Due to all the risks involved with both of the above cleaning jobs, you are much better off calling in our team to do the job, as opposed to putting yourself in danger. Let us know if we can help in any way.