Why you should leave cleaning to a professional

At Premier Roof Clean, we have staff on hand who have had training and developed years of experience in their trade. As the best roof cleaners Surrey has available, we have lots of knowledge on how to stay safe and do the best job possible. Our methods are cost effective and careful not to damage the materials on your roof.

With the arrival of spring, many people look into completing overdue housework. Some people will be asking why they shouldn’t take on the job themselves. The answer is hiring a professional will produce the best results. Here are some of the reasons choosing a reliable service for your needs is the right choice to make.


When it comes to getting onto your roof, the ladder needs special attention. Getting the right angle means that it will be stable, making it safe to go up and down. This also ensures that it will not fall over, leaving you stuck up on the roof. Uneven terrain is an additional challenge some people face. It can be fine to walk on but not ideal for the placement of a ladder. Instead it is important to work from a flat, solid surface.

Footwear must be suitable, meaning only using a pair with a good grip to make movement easy. Keep in mind that the surface will be slippery when it is wet so good footing is even more important.

Where you can move on the roof is also something you must consider, as it only takes one move to slip. Roof tiles can look stable, but may be loose and stepping on these can break them, putting you in danger. Tread carefully and stick to stable areas.

We understand how vital health & safety is, for both those working on the roof and those standing on the ground. Any items that fall can hurt and injure people. You can rely on us to give you peace of mind. We have experienced this before on jobs, and know the best ways to overcome issues that may be present.

Equipment & Method

A roof isn’t standard, and can vary in type and material. We understand this and care for each roof individually. Stains may have developed with time as moss and algae builds up over the years. But with our service and biocide that we use, we can remove any traces of moss and algae left after cleaning. This leaves you with a roof that looks new. In a few cases the surface has been a completely different colour underneath the dirt.


As stated before, tiles can be fragile especially due to age and weather exposure. Our method is gentle, using manual cleaning compared to the popular choice pressure washers. There is truth that using this equipment is quicker. But, it can also knock any loose tiles down, hurting someone and your roof. It may also struggle to get rid of traces of the dirt and moss or algae.

Premier Roof Clean offers a cost effective service to clean your roof, leaving you with a beautiful finish. As the roof cleaners Surrey loves, we uphold our reputation on every job. We do this through always providing outstanding customer service.

Contact us today at info@premierroofclean.co.uk to talk about the benefits of our services.