The reasons why you’ll want the moss removed

Dirty rooftops often go ignored, whether they are covered in regular debris or something more organic. You might not think much of this at first. However, as time is passing, your structure may be slowly becoming more unstable. Before this occurs, you will want to arrange help from the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has. Having proven ourselves on multiple occasions, we are the people you should count on.

One of the biggest issues with roofs is moss. It may look harmless, but beneath the surface there are a host of problems developing. The reasons why you will want to think about removal are technical, aesthetic, and financial in nature. What we intend to do is discuss some of these here.


The primary aesthetic reason is that you’ll want your property to look striking. It is very difficult to achieve this if the surface is dirty and things are growing on it.

Financial considerations

Because the build up of moss can lead to roof water backing up, leaks can occur. Additionally, moss can actually roll off and make its way to your gutters, clogging them. Consequently, the foundations can suffer. This can affect the downspouts too, resulting in basement floods. Many insures won’t pay out for the damage because it could was preventable.


For the technical side of things, moss prevents you from discovering what condition the roof is currently in. This is especially critical. If you can’t see the impairments that are already there, they can cause additional damages. You’ll have to spend a fair amount of money repairing all of this as well.

At Premier Roof Clean, we dispose of moss and the like using a combination of manual techniques and our biocide treatment. The latter’s purpose is to suppress growth, keeping your roof looking better for longer. Consequently you can enjoy the very best results.

If you would like our help, please let us know. We assure you every service is provided by the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has. You can have full confidence in our skills.