Which ladders are the right ones?

When it comes to cleaning your property, the best thing you can do is contact the professionals. This is especially true when you think about the roof and gutters. We use methods that are both effective and non-destructive. As a result we clean the surface without damaging the materials. Our team members are the finest Surrey roof cleaners you can find.

Clearing out a gutter or cleaning a roof is a dangerous, difficult, and filthy job. Unfortunately, it’s also an essential one. A critical tool for this task is a ladder. Yet, it’s easy for things to go wrong if you don’t use one correctly. To help, we’re going to offer our own expert advice on ladders.

Is it suitable?

We start by picking a ladder that suits the project. There are generally five different types to choose from. They are:

Single section – this is the oldest style of ladder. It leans against the building to provide access.

Stepladder – this is a single section ladder with stabilising legs. As a result they stand without needing to lean on anything.

Extension – these ladders can have several single sections that can deploy to reach bigger heights.

Multi-function – this is the most flexible type, able to reconfigure in different ways. It can be an extension, a step ladder, and also a single section.

Telescopic – these are a combination of single section and extension ladders. They can retract to become very compact.

The height to your gutters

Now we’re going to talk a bit more about the height to your gutters. It is roughly 3.3m to reach a gutter on a single storey. For two storey structures, it’s around 5.7m. Therefore, the ladder must be able to reach the appropriate working height.

Anyone working on a single storey house can employ a 10 or 12 tread step ladder. An alternative would be to use a 2-section extension model. It must possess an extended height of 3.95m though. Use an extension ladder with an 8m extended height for two storey houses.

At Premier Roof Clean, we’re always ready for the job. Our people bring the right equipment along in every situation. Additionally, they know how to use it all safely. As a result you can rest easy that you have the top Surrey roof cleaners on your side.

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