Combination ladders and stand offs

It’s our job to remove moss and other imperfections from rooftops by hand. We do things this way so that there’s minimal damage to your structure. At the same time, our methods produce some of the finest results you’ll ever see. If you want help from the best roof cleaners Surrey has, you should reach out to us.

We’re often tasked with cleaning gutters in addition to roofs. You might think this is a simple endeavour. However, it’s actually a job you need to prepare for. In particular, you must know about the safest ways to use a ladder so you get safe access. The following is advice you can use to better your understanding of them.


Among the most versatile ladders out there is the combination design. They can function as an extension and step ladder. Therefore they are useful for a multitude of household tasks as well as gutter cleaning. Certain ranges out there have the added advantage of a built in heavy duty leveller. This offers critical stabilisation for gutter projects.

Acquire a ladder stand off

You may want to consider using a ladder stand off too. In the UK, architects are fond of installing plastic gutters very close to the roof tiles. This makes getting your hand in to clear the debris troublesome. With a ladder stand off, you have the advantage of gaining a superior working position above a gutter. At the same time, you won’t crush it. Your ladder shall also be more stable.

Stand offs fasten to your ladders and keep them around 50cm away from the wall. This provides you with sufficient space to reach and clear the gutter.

At Premier Roof Clean, we never have a difficult time removing debris from gutters and roofs. Our team is quite talented when it comes to driveway cleaning in addition. All you need to do is tell us what the problem is and we shall take it from there. We always use the right equipment to achieve great results.

Whatever your cleaning requirements, the top roof cleaners Surrey has are here when you need us. If you would like our assistance, please get in touch.