Soft roof washing done right

Everyone likes having a clean rooftop. It will function better and give the right impression to anybody that sees it. If you want to keep it fresh, call on the experts to get things done. We are the most competent business specialising in roof cleaning Surrey has. Our team does more than simply providing a quality finish; we also produce results that last a long time.

Frequent roof cleaning can be a necessity. It’s the best way to take care of any moss and algae. Whether you clean once or often though, you will want to take a soft approach. This will prevent damage to the materials. You may be thinking that tiles or shingles are tough and durable but they can break if you aren’t careful. Be aware there are certain actions you should never take while washing a roof.

Acidic mixtures

Be cautious if you plan to use acids to get rid of any moss. They can remain on the roof for too long or be excessively strong. In either case, they’re capable of eating through your shingles. Before you use anything on your roof, do some tests to make sure it is safe. If the spot test shows an issue, come up with another plan.

Be proactive

If there is algae or moss on your roof, don’t leave it for too long. Both can thicken and expand on asphalt shingle roofs. As this happens it can raise your shingles up. Once they lift it can allow water to travel underneath them. The water can rot the decking beneath and lead to leaks. Raised shingles are also a problem when there are heavy winds. If the wind catches them it can tear the materials off completely.

To prevent all of these issues, remove organic growths as soon as possible. In addition make sure that the materials are securely in place.

At Premier Roof Clean, we’re always looking to help those in need. We avoid using counterproductive methods like pressure washing. They serve only to damage your roof. It may not seem that way initially, but the danger is there. In time you may notice that the materials fail sooner than you would expect. This is because the pressure of the water strips away protective coatings.

Get in touch today if you require assistance from the top name for roof cleaning Surrey can offer. We have a long history and lots of happy customers. Trust us to do the best for your property with our soft techniques.