Overcoming the challenges posed by a dirty roof

Preferring a more hands on approach, our team of roof cleaners aim to clean your roofing without compromising its integrity. In addition, we also seek to discourage future regrowth of unwanted organic materials by applying a special biocide treatment, leaving your roof looking as good as new. With reasonable prices and an extremely high level of competence, ours is a business that doesn’t let clients in Surrey down.

Often the cheapest way to remove the debris from your roof, and definitely the least complicated, is to have an experienced company like ours take on the work. We work by hand because our experience has taught us that it’s by far the best way forward. We have done this countless times and it is our professional opinion that manual removal is far less messy and much safer. It also uses less resources.

In terms of how difficult the work actually is, access is the main concern. A ladder is often required and you yourself may not be comfortable going up one. We have no trouble with it however and our team are all highly trained to ensure their safety. Once we literally get on top of the situation, the debris will come off easily in the majority of instances.

Timing is the other big factor here and if the roof happens to be wet, the work shall present more of a challenge. The reason why is during a wet spell moss and the roofing materials become very slippery. Cleaning in such conditions can be very demanding. As such, the most convenient time for some maintenance would be during the summer and if this isn’t an option for whatever reason, your best bet is to have us come in during a dry period.

At Premier Roof Clean we assure clients we will provide the very best level of service for them. Our roof cleaners have the best training, the right equipment, and our full support to ensure they deliver the best services in Surrey. We understand that your roof can be a fragile structure, so we will be as gentle as possible whilst on the job.