Don’t mistake dirty for rustic

If there’s one thing that all of us living in Surrey have in common it is, we’d venture, a mutual love of the truly beautiful countryside. Many of us actively seek to have this reflected in our homes, with a rustic look being very popular.

In terms of achieving this look – and if we’re honest feel – some believe it best to let it occur naturally over time. Whilst we would not find fault in this as such, we would always warn against mistaking damage for a rustic look developing.

The above is as much of a concern for driveways and patios as it is the roofing of a house. Although our name is known for being the best Surrey has to offer in terms of roof cleaners, due to high levels of demand we also offer our services for cleaning your driveway and/or patio. This was quite a natural development for us, as often these ground level features of a building can be affected by the same problems as roofing.

What isn’t a natural development is algae taking over your driveway. As is the case with roofing, whilst you might mistake the appearance of it for natural aging, the truth is that it’s harmful and very likely to be causing damage. Algae growing on driveways is considered more of an emergency to address than is the case when it appears on roofing, as in damp conditions it can become dangerously slippery.

Our team brings the same specialist skill to cleaning driveways and patios which made use the number one name for roof cleaning in Surrey. We don’t do work which is likely to harm the surfaces, which means that with us you are assured of no power washing and no harmful chemicals being used.

Regularly cleaning your surfaces doesn’t remove the rustic look you want – in fact it can enhance it. Through our cleaning services your property can be appreciated for a naturally aged look, free of growths and stains likely to be doing damage to it.