Manual removal is the best method for rooftop moss

All roofs age, and a certain amount of natural wear and tear is unavoidable. The major problem with significant growth of moss and algae is that it causes the roof to age at a faster rate. The presence of moss on a roof can have disastrous consequences, leading to extremely costly repairs.

Invest in roof cleaning in Surrey

roof cleaning SurreyHomeowners are often surprised by the amount of moss that has actually accumulated on their roofs when they take a close look. Moss is an uncomplicated form of plant that absorbs moisture directly. It cannot move and has no root, but it can do a great deal of damage.

There are roughly 12,000 species of moss but you will recognise the form that typically grows on rooftops. It grows in green humps, and instead of flowers it sprouts small spore capsules that resemble the shape of a lantern. The nutrients in bird droppings can also encourage growth. This is particularly problematic if the surface of the roof tiles or slates is rough.

As moss can grow on practically any surface, including trees and the ground, it releases tiny airborne spores that settle on roofs and other potential growth sites. These spores then develop into moss during the colder months of the year. Throughout the dry and warmer periods, the moss becomes dormant and transforms into a rust-coloured plant mass.

Moss will easily grow on roof shingles. It is likely to be found in the spaces that lie between the shingles where the spores collect. In particularly wet climates, moss will often grow into a thick mat that can measure as much as a few inches. Roofs with heavy shade from trees are susceptible to moss growth. The lack of sun exposure prevents them from drying out.

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We are a professional roof cleaning team specialising in the non-abrasive clearance of moss, algae and lichen from roofs. We utilise gentle hand-cleaning techniques to prevent any damage to roof tiles and slates. Additionally, we use a specially formulated sterilising biocide to prevent re-growth and maintain the condition of the roof. As one of the most trusted teams providing roof cleaning in Surrey, you can rely on us. We can carry out safe and efficient roof treatments at affordable prices.