Don’t let roof stains spread

Over time, stains may start to develop on your roof and spread gradually across it. Many people believe that these are a result of tar, chemicals or dirt but they are actually moss, lichen or algae. The organisms can easily find their way on to roofs and will thrive there when it is cold and wet. Just a single spore can spread and lead to the whole roof becoming covered if the conditions are right. We know all about this from our work as trusted roof cleaners in Surrey.

Fortunately, a thorough clean can remove the stains from the roof. This will help to improve the aesthetics of the property and prevent the tiles from becoming prematurely worn. The clean should be done by hand. This will help avoid damaging the tiles and forcing water into the loft space. Care is important when doing this. This is because of the height, the difficult access, and to ensure that cleaners don’t damage the tiling when making their way around the surface.

Take care of the whole roof

roof cleaners in SurreyOne thing to keep in mind is that the whole surface will need cleaning. Some people will opt for spot cleaning, but this will leave other parts of the roof untreated. It is important to keep in mind that not all of the moss, algae and lichen spores will be visible with the naked eye. The yellow, green and black stains show up when the organism has matured. This means that spot cleaning could leave some of the organisms still alive on different parts of the roof. These will develop into stains over time and you will have to arrange cleaning all over again. It is therefore far more effective to clean the entire roof initially.

Here to help you

At Premier Roof Clean we provide flexible, professional services for property owners across Surrey. Our team of roof cleaners will visit your property and clean the entire surface with great care. All traces of moss, lichen and algae will be removed and we will apply a gentle biocide afterwards to keep them from growing back for a period of time.

If you would like to arrange a professional service, please contact us for expert roof cleaners in Surrey. Whether you have a newer home where stains are just starting to show, or an older one with a moss-covered roof, we can provide a solution.