Don’t overreach and stay away from the top

It is our philosophy to clean roofs and guttering by hand as opposed to using pressurised jet washers. Because of our approach, not only can we give you the desired outcome, but we also avoid damaging your structure. If you are after help from the top Surrey roof cleaners, you’ve come to the right place.

Standard home maintenance is vital for keeping your house in order. Gutter cleaning should form part of this. Should you neglect it, you could experience some detrimental water related problems. This includes mildew, mould, structural concerns, and foundation complications.

Initially, it may appear to be a simple task. Once you’ve given it a go however, you’ll soon discover just how dangerous it is. Whether you’ve opted to do the job yourself or contacted a professional, here are some mistakes you must be aware of.

Never work from the top

You should never attempt to clean a gutter from the top of your roof. Countless homeowners believe this to be a smart idea and proceed to scoop out all of the debris. Sadly, this is a dreadful plan. Laying, standing, or kneeling on the rooftop doesn’t give you a steady base to work on. It could potentially end up seriously injuring you.

Don’t stretch too far

Overreaching whilst on the ladder is not something we recommend either. Ladder safety advice is crucial, but you shouldn’t try to reach too far when cleaning your gutters. This can lead to the ladder becoming unstable and you could fall. Instead, you should climb down the ladder and change your position. It will take longer to complete the job but you will be safe.

At Premier Roof Clean, we can rid your gutters and roofing of various kinds of debris. Together with our insurance coverage, our services can give you peace of mind knowing that the best people in the business are attending to your gutters.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know. When you work with us you can have confidence of dealing with the best Surrey roof cleaners. We won’t disappoint you.