Don’t let your roof get eaten

Like many other things we take for granted, the problems with our roofs don’t become apparent until we actually start experiencing them. Before this can happen, we need to call on the professionals to help. Ours is the best company to locate first rate Surrey roof cleaners. With them on the scene, you can rest easy knowing that they are looking out for your property.

We all know that a decent roof clean provides obvious cosmetic benefits, but that’s just the start of it. This act can remove all the harmful lichen, algae, and moss as well. Fungi and mosses are capable of breaking your roofing material down and utilising it as food. In short, they literally eat your roof.

Furthermore, organic matter growing on the roof can lead to water retention. The algae, moss and lichen assimilate the liquid and can accelerate any existing decay. The build-up of water can lift your shingles too, letting water into your home so that it can cause more problems.

Black streaks

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then you might see black streaks. Gloeoscapa Magma creates them. This is a form of algae that feasts on the crushed limestone. Rain scatters the algae down your rooftop, which results in the streaks. Algae of this nature leads to a quick decline of our roofs.

This is not the only issue that algae can bring up. It may also mean bad news for your electric bills. Whenever black algae is present, an increased amount of heat is absorbed from the sun. This can result in more energy consumption to keep your property cool.

At Premier Roof Clean, we prefer to get rid of your roof debris by hand to avoid any unnecessary damage. Afterwards, we introduce our inhibitor treatment, which prevents the likes of moss from returning immediately. The quality of our services makes us the best Surrey roof cleaners you can work with.

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