Decorating your roof this Christmas

Putting Christmas lights and decorations on roofs has become incredibly popular in the UK. People enjoy making their homes stand out with creative displays and spreading some cheer during the festive period. If you plan on decorating your roof this year, make sure you take care when accessing the roof to minimise the risk of injury. While you are in a position to see the roof more clearly you could also take the opportunity to check the condition of materials. Take this chance to decide if you want to have moss, algae and other organic matter removed. We can assist with this as we offer excellent roof cleaning in Surrey.

Take the right steps before putting up decorations

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It is not advisable to run lights over a roof covered in moss or algae. The reason for this is that both will retain water when they get wet. This means you could be laying the lights over a damp surface, increasing the risk of dangerous faults. It is better to clean the roof first. This will ensure it is free of moss, algae and other unwanted organic matter. You can then lay your lights over a clean, dry surface.

We specialise in roof cleaning in Surrey and surrounding areas. Our expert staff can remove moss, algae and other unwanted plant matter from roofs by hand. Our services are designed to leave your roof looking like new. We do this without resorting to using high pressure washers that could actually cause more damage to the tiling. Our roof cleaners all have extensive experience, so they can clean tiles with absolute care. This will leave them fresh and free from unwanted materials. Their skills also minimise the risk of breakages.

A thorough service with our premier roof cleaning in Surrey

After removing the plant matter from the surface we can spray it with a gentle biocide. This will ensure we deal with even microscopic traces of the material. It also creates a protective layer that will leave your roof moss and algae free for a period of time after the service. We can get your roof clean, fresh and ready for you to adorn with lights and decorations this festive season. So, give Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean a call now.