Cracked tiles can lead to damp issues

Cracked and broken tiles are a common occurrence. We often see these with our work as roof cleaners in Surrey. They are a particular problem on lower level roofs. It is not uncommon to find small gaps in roofs where slates located next to each other have cracked or slipped. The major problem with adjoining tiles with breaks or those that are missing is that the rain that finds its way into the gaps. The majority of roofs from after the 1950s have a layer of underlay. This acts as a secondary defence and directs rain into the gutters. However, properties built prior to this period were generally constructed without the underlay. They relied on a flow of air to ventilate the loft area and get rid of any resulting damp.

Roof damage is common

Roof Cleaners SurreyDislodged tiles are typically a result of roof cleaning, heavy storms, and window cleaners. Another example is people accessing the roof to install TV aerials and satellite dishes. It is best that you have someone replace any broken roof tiles as soon as possible. If you have a shallow-pitched roof (very common on properties built in the 1970s) the underfelt can start to sag. This results in the rainwater going down the wall cavities. This can result in it being necessary to strip, replace, and rebatten the underfelt.

Tiles are also susceptible to broken nibs. Over a long enough period of time, even clay tiles can begin to erode and crack in the centre. Slate is a durable material but the nails used to fix slate tiles are prone to corrosion. This causes cracks in the middle as well as flaking.

Effective cleaning methods

When cleaning a roof it is extremely important to avoid damaging tiles and slates. We are specialists in all aspects of roof and gutter clearance. We use a gentle and non abrasive method to protect tiles and restore their appearance. Jet washing is not recommended for roofs. The reason for this is that it can damage tiles and encourage moss to return.

The best choice for roof cleaners in Surrey

Our team of roof cleaners in Surrey clean roofs and remove moss manually. We take great care not to cause any damage to existing tiles. Additionally, we spray roofs with a supreme biocide that prevents the re-growth of moss and algae. Our quality service will reveal a beautiful roof. This is whilst simultaneously preventing damage to your tiles and slates and preserving their appearance. So, get in contact with our team today.