Clean your roof to maintain your insurance cover

A considerable number of roof cleaning companies that exist opt to use a pressure washing method. Unfortunately the technique may not be the most effective. Not only does it have the potential to cause damage, but a lot of the time it may not even get rid of all the debris. When it comes to our company however, we manually clean your roof and apply a special biocide to discourage the future growth of organic debris, leaving the surface clean for a longer period of time.

Aside from the more obvious reasons to have your roof cleaned, such as visual appeal for example, neglecting the surface may lead to your insurance company cancelling your homeowner’s policy. Providers are demanding that owners have their roofs washed at an increasing rate because it can reduce wear and protect it.

They can give you very short notice to do the cleaning, with it being possible for insurance companies to provide as little as a week to clean the roof or lose their coverage. For this reason, it’s incredibly vital to take a proactive approach.

Insurance experts are knowledgeable of the effects that untreated roofs will have on your home’s integrity and see them as risks that can cost them money in claims. Take our advice and have our team of roof cleaning specialists tackle the problem as soon as you notice any kind of dirt or debris.

To help reveal the true splendour of your roof, we will begin by gently removing moss and other unwanted things by hand, as opposed to pressure washing. In addition to the manual removal preventing damage to your tiles, it allows us to spray our biocide in order to get rid of any outstanding growths and prevent further ones.

At Premier Roof Clean we can assure you that your property is in the safest of hands. We are fully aware of the roof’s properties and the damage that can be caused, which is why we are extra cautious while working. Be sure to contact us if your roofing needs a good clean.