A dirty roof can result in unwanted company

People tend to relate pressure washing to roof cleaning quite a lot and while many companies do utilise this technique, we opt to go with a far less destructive approach. Every time we take on a job, manual methods are employed and when coupled together with our special biocide, they discourage the further growth of moss and algae on your rooftop. For long lasting and considerable results, our company is the number one choice.

Choosing to have your roof cleaned in good time is an excellent money-saving strategy, as opposed to ignoring the debris and eventually having to replace your roof as a result. The longer moss and algae are left to their own devices on the roof, the greater the damage they will cause to your roof tiles.

A dirty roof also detracts from the house’s curb appeal but what is attracted can be much worse. The compromised integrity of your roof that results from algae and moss can actually act as a beacon for animals that compels them to enter your home. Moisture is able to get into the structure thanks to lichens, algae and moss penetrating the sheathing. Said moisture can cause your wood to rot and the odour that accompanies the rot is what causes animals to become so captivated.

Animals become very enticed to the smell of rotting wood because they have come to associate this smell with shelter and food in their natural habitats. Most of the time, when animals enter through a fascia board or roof, they have decided to go through where the wood has begun to rot. There’s no random choice here.

At Premier Roof Clean, our advice to you would be to have us come and clean the surface as soon as you notice any stains on your rooftop. We will work tirelessly to ensure that it is as clean as can be so pests are not attracted. Our professional service has helped us to become one of the leading roof cleaning companies operating in Surrey.

If you have any questions we are but a call away.