The stark contrasts between soft and pressure washing

You might be someone that needs a professional clean for their roofing. We have worked in this industry ourselves for many years. Therefore, we possess the knowledge and talents to help you with any situation. People consider ours one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has. We aim to prove this to everyone who has yet to work with us.

Something you see with many exterior cleaning teams is that they employ high-pressure methods. The aim is to remove biological contaminants as well as surface growths using brute force. Regrettably, this may harm the roof materials, something we’ve seen too many times. The issue is that the high pressured water can strip away protective layers and even lift tiles or shingles. Both of these issues are bad for the surface.

Hand cleaning

A better option is to clean any dirt and growths from the surface by hand. Wiping and scraping if necessary is a gentle alternative. There is far less pressure so protective coatings should be fine. The brush or trowel won’t go under any materials, ensuring they stay in place and don’t lift.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is also a gentler technique and is low pressure. The results last much longer and the service is more effective overall. As users of this method ourselves, we know just how good it is.

Pressure washing regularly fails to get rid of bacteria and can leave traces of algae, moss and lichen behind. All it does is remove a chunk of that’s visible. Undeniably, this isn’t how you should be taking care of the issue.

There is plenty of evidence out there to back up what we’ve said above. For example the dark bacteria’s regrowth generally reveals the pattern of the pressure washer wand.

Biocide can be far more effective and take care of the entire surface. The chemical will kill all traces of organic matter. It can wash across the whole roof, and also leaves behind a residue that makes the roof inhospitable for new growths for several months afterwards.

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