The benefits of cleaning a roof by hand

Autumn is a good time to get the moss, algae and other biological materials cleaned off your roof. When the weather gets wetter the material on the roof will become saturated and hold moisture for much longer. This can result in all kinds of problems, including damaging the tiles and causing leaks. If you don’t attend to the issue of roof cleaning before the temperature drops, the moisture will freeze. This can make the issues even worse. When they require expert roof cleaning, Surrey should always call in professionals if they want the best results possible.

Never overlook caring for your roof

roof cleaning SurreyOrganic material needs removing from roofs by hand whenever possible to prevent the building materials from becoming damaged. This is the gentlest way to complete the task and also reduces the amount of water you need to use. Some people use a pressure washer but this can damage the top layer of tiles or even crack them completely. It is also difficult to achieve a high quality clean without getting hands on.

An added benefit of cleaning by hand is the fact that a biocide inhibitor can stave off re-growth. Biocides need to be handled very carefully and should be applied by hand to control how much is used. When people use a pressure washer, biological materials can start to grow again relatively quickly. This is because they are neither removed effectively nor prevented from re-growing.

Who to call for effective roof cleaning in Surrey

We provide gentle roof cleaning services for property owners across Surrey. We dedicate ourselves to caring for properties whilst we clean them. This ensures that our service makes roofs look fresh and clean without causing damage. Our team of cleaners have a great deal of experience and understand the importance of working safely. They will take their time with each clean to ensure all traces of the organic material are removed and the inhibitor is used to slow down re-growth.

If you would like your roof cleaned effectively to leave it looking brand new we are the company for you. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation and quote. We aim to make our prices the most competitive so we offer the best value for money.