Take a look at every part of the gutters

Home maintenance takes on many forms, with rooftop cleaning being one of them. Some people are competent enough to do this by themselves. However, most lack the training necessary to perform this task safely. Instead, they seek out help from us because we are the most skilled roof cleaners Surrey has. We know a thing or two about gutters as well.

Damaged or clogged rain gutters reroute water into basements and under roof tiles. In the end, you may end up with some rather expensive damages. There is one way to stop this from happening fortunately; simply take some time to check the guttering. This can reveal whether they are full of dirt and leaves or if there is any damage.

Try to choose a day with dry spells and minimal to no winds. Since a ladder is a necessity, you don’t want to try this whenever the ground is wet and soft. For your own safety, have someone with you to hold the ladder if possible.

Start close to the downspout holes

Begin by cleaning near the downspout holes. You should start at the bottom, because this is where the majority of the debris ends up. It would be ideal to remove everything that shouldn’t be in the gutter. During this process, you might encounter one or two unpleasant and messy surprises. With this in mind, you shouldn’t forget protective gloves.

After you’re done with the waste, make sure you flush your gutter using a garden hose. Again, you need to begin at the bottom with this. By starting from the top, you run the risk of packing any remaining clogs tighter. The opposite will aid you in uncovering areas where blockages as well as standing water exist in the downspouts.

At Premier Roof Clean, we rid your roofs and gutters of all the debris. After cleaning them your gutters and roofs will look as good as new. More importantly, they will function like it too. Our quality services are the reason we are the top roof cleaners Surrey residents can work with.

Get in touch today if your property has seen better days. We can take care of roofs with heavy soiling and produce incredible results.